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OFEK's Activities

OFEK applies its unique approach in its various activities:

  • Group Relations Conferences designated for the public:

    • International Group Relations Conferences - since 1987 OFEK has held an international group relations conference in Israel, integrating the Tavistock approach, on a yearly basis. Members and staff are from Israel and other countries. The working language in these conferences is English.
    • Israeli Group Relations Conferences - OFEK arranges periodically a Group Relations Conference intended for the Israeli public, in which the working language is Hebrew.
    • Theme Conferences - these group relations conferences are dedicated to exploration of themes relevant to Israeli society.
      The following conferences have taken place thus far:
      • Sexual Violence and Abuse in Family and in Society
      • Role and Fantasy on the Road
      • Jewish Identity, Belonging and Leadership - Israel and the Diaspora
      An upcoming conference:
      • Dilemmas in the Public Health Care System - on Role, Responsibility and Authority in an Era of Transformation

  • Open Study Days on issues related to significant social processes:

    • How to Make Peace - Learning from the Experience of Others (February 2010) 
    • History of the Future - the Future of History (November 2007)
    • The Violence Within Us (September 2005)
    • What does a Man want in an Organization? What does a Woman Want in an Organization? (June 2004)
    • Authority, Leadership and Gender - Conflict or Dialogue? (June 2003)
    • Taking up Authority and Relinquishing Authority - Unconscious Processes in Organizations (June 2002)
  • Interventions in Organizations by invitation - OFEK offers a wide range of interventions designed for various aspects of organizational life:

    • Conferences tailor-made for the organization's needs.
    • Interventions designed for groups and organizations interested in redefining tasks, goals and modes of operation in a rapidly changing environment; organization of work; quality of work; organizational development; and role analysis.
    • Interventions focused on social conflicts.

  • OFEK's approach is especially suitable for organizations looking for unique and creative ways of dealing with changing circumstances.

  • Activities for OFEK members - annual general assembly, annual retreat, seminars, workshops, lectures.
  • Publication of KAV OFEK, an annual journal for members.
  • Sponsorship of various events:

    International group relations conferences dealing with the theme of the encounter between Germans and Israelis. These conferences are intended to create appropriate conditions to experience the encounter and explore the conscious and the unconscious factors in the relations and the relatedness between Germans and Israelis; The last two conferences have included "others" in the working title. The conferences take place under the joint sponsorship of OFEK and various psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic organizations in Israel and Germany. For further information: www.p-cca.org.

    A series of international conferences for staff members in conferences, which explore various aspects of the design of group relations conferences. So far three such conferences have taken place in Belgirate, Italy - in 2003, in 2006 and in 2009 under the joint sponsorship of OFEK and other group relation organizations.
    Further reading (the published conference papers): Bruner, L. D., Nutkevitch, A., Sher, M. (eds.) (2006) Group Relations Conferences - Reviewing and Exploring Theory, Design, Role-Taking and Application. London: Karnac Books.

    Organizational Consultation and Development, a two-year program combining psychoanalytic and open systems theory.