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OFEK's Primary Task

OFEK is an Israeli organization whose primary task is to further the exploration and understanding of conscious and unconscious processes in the individual, the group, the organization and in society as a whole, in order to contribute to the latter's development and change.

OFEK bases its approach on the Tavistock Institute's Group Relations model, which integrates the psychoanalytic and open systems theories. In addition, it is informed by local and international theoretical and practical developments.

The following spheres of activity derive from and promote the primary task:

  1. Holding educational, scientific and training activities for OFEK members and non-members, such as experiential conferences, symposia, study groups and lectures; publishing a journal; and promoting organizational consultancy and development.
  2. Consulting to groups and organizations, using the OFEK approach.
  3. Exploring processes in OFEK as a model for deepening the understanding of broader socio-political processes.
  4. Establishing ties and promoting collaborative activities with like-minded organizations in Israel and abroad.
  5. Disseminating OFEK's ideas through research, academic writing and participation in relevant professional events.

The concept of 'primary task' derives from the theory of open systems. The primary task is the task that the organization must perform if it is to survive.

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